Store Model


Starting in the 1930s, Burch had a Store Model.  It consisted of an enclosure that a person could go into to make and sell popcorn.  On one end of the stand was the popcorn popper and the popcorn could be sold out of a window in the middle.  Here is an image of the Store Model from a 1930s Burch Catalog.

A 1950 Store Model has surfaced.  It is labeled as Manley Model 50.  This would imply that this stand was made in 1950.  You can see the similarities to the 1930s version.  The stand itself appears to almost perfectly match the catalog image.  A close examination of the following photos indicates some of the hardware for an awning is present.  This Model 50 has a Cascade Kettle that was introduced around 1950 and is the standard kettle for the Aristocrat models.  The Store Model measures 45" wide x 85" long x 95" tall.

Photos courtesy of Kevin Seward, Bill Downs Auction Service, Inc.,

Here are some additional images from the new owner--Audra Meffod: