Back In The Day

        Images of Burch and Manley Machines in use when they were new or newer




Here is an image of 11 Burch Machines in 1936 as they prepare to serve popcorn to patrons of the Texas Centennial.  Notice that the machines are brand new, they kettle have not been installed yet.  They are in front of the Samuel Bert Ice Shaving and Cutting Machine Manufacturing building.  Samuel Bert is credited with first recorded snow cones that were served at the State Fair of Texas in 1919.  In 1920 he returned with a machine to make snow cones.  Samuel Bert continued to sell snow cones at the State Fair of Texas until his death in 1984.  In addition to snow cones he sold other items at the Fair, including popcorn and peanuts.  In 1936 the Texas Centennial was held at the Fair Ground in place of the State Fair of Texas.  Samuel Bert's family still runs concessions at the State Fair of Texas.  If anyone know more about this photo, please contact me.
1936 Texas Centinial

A Burch machine in front of an "Ice Cream Bar".  Location unknown.  If anyone has information let me know.

Here is an image from the last day of the Forty Fort Theatre, Forty-Fort, PA.  It shows an M-47 that was used in the Theatre.  This image depicts the last batch that was popped in this machine at the Theatre.  Tom Alexander and his cousin are shown in the image.  Tom has started a web site to document and share the history of the Forty Fort Theatre.  It is located at:

A Burch machine inside a popcorn stand in Iowa Falls.  Image from Library of Congress:

A Burch popcorn machine in front of a store in Taylor, TX.  Image from Library of Congress:

Here is a Burch machine in 1937 at Concord, Massachusetts.  Image from Library of Congress: