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Manley Popcorn Machine Web Site Goal

This web site has been developed to gather and share information about Manley and Burch popcorn machines, and their related products and operations.  Burch popcorn machines date from 1922 to 1940.  Manley machines were made from 1940 to 1993.

Of particular interest is information related to the various model and restoration of them.  However, information related to other products that they sold, their operations, their advertising, and their employees is also of interest.

Many of the images and information on this web site has been provided by various people.  Their contribution is greatly appreciated.  Before this web site, very little information existed on the Web on Manley.  For a company that in the late 1940s dominated the theater popcorn machine market, this is disappointing.  However, this web site hopes to fill some of this gap.  If you have any additional information or photos that you would like to contribute to this web site, please contact us--rf@bradley.edu.

About Its Owner--Ross Fink

Many people ask how I became interested in Manley popcorn machines.  It began rather simply when I purchased a M-47 Manley on eBay.  I had wanted a popcorn machine for a theater room.  After looking at some new machine, I decided that a vintage popcorn machine would be a better option.  Shortly thereafter, an M-47 that was located within easy driving distance appeared on eBay.  I ended up winning the machine.  This popcorn machine began its life at the Lincoln Theater in Robinson, IL.  The Lincoln Theater closed many years ago, and its building was demolished.

 My original idea was that the machine would need just a little clean-up and I would have popcorn.  However after closer inspection, I realized that it was in need of a complete restoration.  For the detail of the restoration process, please visit: http://rossfink.com/Manley Model 47/.  It is now in complete operating condition providing popcorn to family and friends.

While I was restoring it, I created the restoration page to share the restoration process with my friends and family around the world.  Interestingly, I started to receive e-mails from various people asking how I was doing various parts of the restoration process or if I knew of the availability of replacement parts.  It also served me well as I was contacted through this web site for the one part that was missing on my machine--the cash drawer.  At this point in time there was very little information available on the Web.  As a result, I decided to start this web site and shortly thereafter the Forum, located at http://forum.manleypopcornmachine.com/.  At the beginning, the Forum consisted mainly of Eric Eggers and I talking about Manley popcorn machines.  We wondered if anyone else would join us.  Eventually they did.  Although not the busiest of Forums, many people look at it daily.  If you have questions about Manley or their machines, please feel free to post.  Also if you are interested in selling or buying a Manley machine, please feel free to post.

My personal goal has been to help anyone that is interested in Manley popcorn machines in any way I can.  Sometimes I have been successful.  Other times, I have not been able to help, but I tried.  If I can be of any assistance to you, please let me know.  You can contact me by e-mail at: rf@bradley.edu.





Manley Popcorn Machine

Pease join us on the Forum.  It is a place where you can ask or answer any questions about Manley Popcorn.  Also, please feel free to share any of your restorations or Manley items on the Forum.  It is located at Forum.ManleyPopcornMachine.com.  You will need to register for the Forum.  You have an option of making the information public or private.  If it is private only Forum members can see this information.   Because of the number of spam bots that register on forums, a security question has been added to insure that a real person is registering.  If you have having problems registering Click Here  If you are still having problem registering, please e-mail me.


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Manley Popcorn Machine

Also associated with the Forum is a Photo Gallery.  The same user name and password is used for both.  Please feel free to post any Manley related photos on the Photo Gallery.  Also, there are instructions in the Forum on how to use the images from the Photo Gallery in the Forum.  Click here for these instructions.


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Using Manley advertisements, photos, and Manuals.  I have created artwork that has been used to create t-shirts and ball caps.  I wear these items myself.  If you have suggestions for future items, please let me know--rf@bradley.edu