Model Identification

Use this page to help identify your machine



Common Models

For the individual, The theater style machines tend to be preferred.  Although there are many models, some are more common than others.  In general, you will see the 1939 model, M-Line, Premier, Aristocrat, and Vista Pop.  By expanding the Models tab on the left-side menu, you will find links to pages for the various models.  On the main page you will see rotating photos of several model, you can click on them for more information.  Below you will find photos of some of the more common models.  By clicking on the photo you are taken to the page for that model.

1939 Model   M-Line Model   Premier Model

Aristocrat Model 67 Vista Pop Vista Pop

If you are having problem identifying your model, feel free to drop me an e-mail and I will be happy to tell you what I can about your machine.  Please attach photos and provide as much information as you can.

Types of Kettles

There are three basic types of kettles--traditional, cascade, and Vista Pop.  The traditional kettle was used from the beginning to the end.  The cascade kettle was introduced around 1948 on the console/stadium models, and then on the Aristocrat in 1950.  The Vista Pop kettle was introduced on the Model 67 in 1955.  The Vista Pop kettle is unique in that is make of Pyrex and you can see the popcorn popping.

Traditional Cascade Vista Pop
Traditional Kettle Cascade Kettle Vista Pop Kettle