Early and Model 32



Aristocrat Model, Model 32

Manley's Aristocrat popcorn popper employs the Cascade kettle to give it a very attractive look.  This Manley model would have been popular during the 1950s.  It was introduced in 1950.  It is unique in that the kettle can have either 1, 2 or all 3 elements turned-on to control the heat of the kettle.  Standard operations call for 2 of the 3 elements to be used.  It appears to be a 220 volt kettle as it has 2 power wires leading to the kettle (1 black, 1 red).  However, it is a 110 volt kettle.  Both wires come from one side of the 220 volts that enter the machine.  The other side of the 220 is used to power the lights, heaters, and motors.  One power wire turns on 1 element; the other turns on 2 elements.  Therefore, together you have the option of 1, 2, or 3 elements turned-on.

Manley's Aristocrat is easily identified by the arm that holds the kettle.

There appears to be two different Aristocrat models.  One model matches the introductory advertisements that appeared in 1950 in Boxoffice Magazine--this would be the early model.  This model did not have a model number.  Model numbers appear to have been introduced in 1952.  Before this date, model numbers referred to the year of manufacture.  It appears that the late version was assigned model number 32.

The following table details the differences in the early versus late model.











Frame Metal Wood
Top Steel Aluminum
Sides Handle is spring-loaded and not visible

2 recessed handles using casting from Premier model


Cash Drawer Pivots--cast metal

Wood with metal front--traditional drawer

Middle Corners Front Part of casting--see photo of side Separate trim piece--also see photo of side

Doors/Drawer Fronts Stainless Steel Painted
Inside Lighting Neon or Traditional can light Traditional can light

Early Model

Notice the Neon light for lighting the interior of the machine. 

Photos of older model 32 courtesy of eBay seller TomTheWom.

Late Model

Photo courtesy of Forum Member rbuchholz.


This original machine remains in a closed theater, photo by Erik Eggers.

The Aristocrat also came in a counter top model:

Image courtesy of Erik Eggers.

Thanks to eBay member bossauctions we have the following photos of Aristocrat counter top model.  It is a model 54.



Scan of Model 32 Owner's Manual Courtesy of Forum Member rbuchholz.

Model 32 Manual

The manual contains a wiring diagram for the Aristocrat.

So what does a Model 32 look like disassembled?

The above is my current project taken Fall 2009--Now if I can just get it back together--Ross.