1940s Era Model--Also know as the Premier model

Model numbers were not used on this machine



This model was produced at the same time as 1939 or Life Time model.  It has recently been learned that this model is called the Premier model, and was produced during the early 1940s.  It has the basic look of the more commonly known Premier models of the late 1940s.  However the motor for the kettle agitator is mounted on the kettle like the Burch machines.  The late 1940s Premier models moved the motor from the kettle into the top and used a flex-drive cable to power the agitator.   The curved top is not as high as the  late 1940s Premier because the kettle stirrer motor is attached to the kettle.  It is approximately the same size as the Premier.  Again, it appears that material substitutions were made due to WWII.  This machine has glass tops, rather than plastic.  It also used porcelain coated panels.  Here is an image of the early 1940s Premier from a Manley WWII capability manual.

Image courtesy of Robert Manley.

Here are some photos of an early 1940s Premier.  Click on the images below for a larger version.

1940 Front 1940 Back 1940 side

1940 Glass Top1940 Kettle

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