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  1. How do I identify what Manley model I own?
  2. Where can I find a Manley popcorn machine to buy?
  3. Where can I find replacement parts?
  4. Who owns this site?
  5. How difficult is it to restore a Manley popcorn machine?
  6. Do you offer restoration services?

How do I identify what Manley model I own?

[A quick way is to go to the Model Id page.  This page displays many of the more common models.  If you don't find it on that page, it may be on one of the other pages on this site.  However, if you are having problems identifying your machine, please feel free to join our Forum and post it there or e-mail me some photo at rf@bradley.edu.

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Where can I find a Manley popcorn machine to buy ?

Manley popcorn machines were very popular with the movie theaters.  For example in 1947, 70% of the popcorn machines in movie theaters were Manley's.  So, keep an eye out for them, at one point in time there were many across the country, and even the world.  Whenever I find a machine for sale, I post it on the Forum.  So, please check the Forum from time to time.  Also, anyone is allowed to post a "for sale" announcement on the Forum.  You are also welcome to post a "wanted" announcement on the Forum.  For more detailed information, please visit the Buying and Selling Machines page.

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Where can I find replacement parts?

Unfortunately, there is not a good single source for parts for these machines.  However, some parts are still made and easily available.  Please see the Restoration page for more information on these parts.  You can also check the Forum to see if someone has found a replacement part or is offering to sell extra parts.  Typically the more difficult parts to find are the plastic trim pieces and kettle related parts.

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Who owns this site?

The owner of this site is Ross Fink, you can find more information about him on the About Us page.

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How difficult is it to restore a Manley popcorn machine?

The answer obviously varies based on the condition of the machine and the skills of the restorer.  However, restoring a popcorn machine is typically easier than restoring a jukebox or coke machine.  Restoring a popcorn machine can be a lot of fun.  A variety of skills are used such as repair and painting of metal parts (similar to auto body repair), polishing metal and plastic, and wiring.  Probably the biggest amount of time is spent polishing the metal, so you better enjoy it.  :)

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Do you offer restoration services?

No I do not.  This web site is a hobby for me.  As of January 2010 I am currently in the middle of restoring an Aristocrat, and I have three other machines waiting for restoration.  At the pace I work at, that represents a couple of years worth of work.  However, I am always happy to answer questions about restoration, whether this is your first restoration or you are a professional restorer.  Hopefully, I can answer your questions or point you in the direction of someone that can.  You can contact me at rf@bradley.edu

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