M-Line Models

M-46, M-47, M-48, and  M-49



One of my favorite Manley popcorn machines is the Model 47 (M-47).  It is similar to the M-46, M-48, and M-49.  When it was first introduced in 1946, it was referred to as the MLT-46.  Where MLT stands for Manley Life Time model.  The 1939 was also referred to as the Life Time Model.  In 1949, the M-line was referred to as the standard model. Later it was referred to as the Regular M.  This model was made later than 1952 when Manley began to number their models.  At this point, it was assigned Model 28.  At some point it was referred to as the Premier.

Most of the time for the M-line, the model number represents the year of manufacturer.  Starting in 1952, model numbers referred to the model, not the year of manufacture.  Prior to 1946 no model numbers were used, however they did sometimes use lot numbers.  There is some confusion on the model numbers of the Manley popcorn machines.  For example, the model number listed on the following machine's ID tag is 47, not M-47.  The Premier line also used model 48 and model 49, as well as a model 50.  The Aristocrat was introduced in 1950. An M-50 has not been found.  So, if someone mentions a model 48, it could be either a Premier, M-Line model or some other model.

Below is a photo of my restored Manley M-47.  You can see the restoration process at my Manley Model 47 Web Site.

M-47 Front M-47 Back

M-46 through M-49 Restoration Page This page contains information on restoring these Manley popcorn machine models, including suggested replacement parts and a wiring diagram.

Watch a M-47 being assembled

 Manley made a counter top model as well:

The machine above is an M-48 countertop.  It has been restored and is in use in the concession stand of The Grand Theater, 252 Main Street East Greenville, PA.   Click here to access The Grand Theater web site.  This machine was originally at Becky's Drive-In in Walnutport, PA.  See the photos of the unrestored machine from the sale here.  Photo courtesy of Forum Member GrandTheater.

Manley Counter Top

Manley also made a larger version that was two machine in one for places that needed large amounts of popcorn:

Manley Twin

The Manley M-47 appears to be identical to Patent 2,536,298 granted to Charles T. Manley, deceased and assigned to Manley Inc.  The patent was filed on April 10, 1948 and granted on January 2, 1951.  You can search for patents at the U.S. Patents and Trademarks Office at http://www.uspto.gov/patft/.

According to an advertisement in the November 15, 1947 Boxoffice Magazine, "all of the metal paneling and work surfaces are made of silvery, good-looking Monel."  Here is a link that describes Monel, http://www.lenntech.com/Monel.htm.  According to this web site, stainless steel began to replace Monel in the 1950s.

A scan of the Manley M-46, M-47, M-48 instruction manual in pdf format follows:

Instruction Manual