Premier Models

Typically a smaller machine



Premier (Models 26, 48, 49, 50, 45)

The Premier model is one of the smaller Manley popcorn machines/poppers.  It uses a smaller kettle (typically an 8 ounce) that can be powered from a standard electrical outlet.  It features red plastic on the top that is illuminated.  This Manley popcorn machine was available as both a full-sized version as well as a counter top version.

See the Premier-Line Restoration Page

Premier Owner's Manual (in pdf format)

Here is a 49-P-1.

Model 49 Premier

In some cases the P (Premier Line) is found in the Model number in other cases, it is part of the serial number. The above photo is of an unrestored model 49-P-1 machine, photo by Erik Eggers.

 Here is an example of a 50-P-1 Photo Courtesy of Forum Member Howard Hockin.

Model 50 Premier

The following are thumbnails (click on photo for larger image) of an unrestored counter top model 48 (in this case the P is part of the serial number): Photos courtesy of forum member Jim.

Premier Counter top BackPremier Counter Top Inside

Premier Counter Top Top-InsidePremier Counter Top Top-OutsidePremier Counter Top Right SidePremier Counter Top Wiring

The Model 26 is a somewhat later model Premier.  Manley went to the model number system around 1952, so these models would date to 1952 throught the 1950s.  The top is identical to the model 48, 49, & 50, but the bottom has a different style that looks like a smaller version of the base of an Aristocrat.  Here is a restored Model 26 from Forum Member dtrappii.

Manley Model 26

Manley Model 26Manley Model 26

Manley Model 26   Manley Model 26

Manley Model 26

Manley Model 26

Here is another model 26.

Model 26 Front

 The above photos is courtesy of Forum Member Tusselwupper.

Model 45--a latter model Premier

Model 45 Front Model 45 Back


Model 45 Side Model 45 Side


Model 45 top Model 45 Drawers


Model 45 Kettle Model 45 Inside

Premier model 45, 115 volts, 1680 Watts, 14 Amps.  Approximate size is  64 1/2 inches high, 31 1/2 inches wide and 21 inches deep. The above images used with permission of eBay seller--eagats.

Model 45Model 45 Back

 Model 45 PanModel 45 Side

Another model 45 which is slightly different from the one above: The above images used with permission of eBay seller--priscilla1852.

Premiette Models

Premiette Model

Images courtesy of Forum Member rbuchholz.