Burch Popcorn Machines

And peanut roasters



In 1940, Burch Manufacturing Company changed its name to Manley to match its owner--Charles T. Manley.  Burch Manufacturing Company was founded by Julian Burch in 1922 or 1923.  Shortly thereafter Charles T. Manley joined Burch.  After another short period of time, Julian Burch left the company and went to St. Louis where he started a new company to manufacture popcorn machine--Star Manufacturing.  Manley maintained the Burch name for many years until it was changed in 1940.  On their emblem in the late 1940s, it said Manley, formerly Burch Manufacturing Company.

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Here is one of the later Burch Machines, the Worlds Fair Model:

Burch Worlds Fair Model

Photo courtesy of Forum Member heggers