Theaters with Manley Popcorn Machines



The Callicoon Theater in Callicoon, NY has an M-48 that is still used in their concession stand.  Here is the machine in their concession stand. stand.Callicoon Theater

Photo courtesy of Jim Kayton.


The Augusta Theatre in Augusta, Kansas has a Manley Super Stadium that they purchased in the 1960s.

Augusta Theatre

Augusta Theatre

Photos courtesy of DeAnn Triboulet of the Augusta Theatre--

The Grand Theater--East Greenville, PA--This historical theater has a beatifically restored M-48 countertop in use in their concession stand.  Click here is their web site.  On July 29, 2012 to celebrate the 7th anniversary of their reopening, they used the reproduction popcorn bags.  Congratulations on your 7th Anniversary of your reopening.

The Grand Theater


Here is a Model 32 in the Ligonier Theatre in Ligonier PA:

Ligonier Theater

Their web site is , and their Facebook page is


The Pine Hill Drive-In in Piedmont, MO has a Manley Super Stadium in use today.  The Drive-In opened in 1953 and the Manley is original to it.

Pine Hill Drive-In

Pine Hill Drive-In

Photos courtesy of Richard Bloom.  Pine Hill Drive-In website is .  Their Facebook page is!/pages/Pine-Hill-Drive-In-Theater/123398547678991 .


The Hi-Line Theatre--Rudyard, Montana--is still using its Manley model 70 Profit Twins.  The following photos shows it concession area today.  For more information on the model 70, please see the Profit Twins page.

Hi-Line Theatre

Hi-Line TheatreHi-Line Theatre

The H-Line Theatre as it appears today on the left and its original appearance on the right.  The following are the Theatre's interior today.  Photos courtesy of the Hi-Line Theatre.

Hi-Line TheatreHi-Line Theatre

Kanopolis Drive-In--Kanopolis, KS--Recently reopened, they have an original Aristocrat.  This newspaper article on the theater contains a photos of the Aristocrat: Salina Journal

Al Ringling Theatre--Baraboo, WI--At the moment they don't have a photo of their Aristocrat on their web site.  But the following photos show their machine in the old concession stand, and on display.  Their Aristocrat was used from 1953 (when purchased) to 2008.  It is currently on display.

Photos courtesy of Brian Heller, Executive Director, Al Ringling Theatre, Baraboo, WI.

Sunset Theatre--Connell, WA--Their web site has several photos over the years of the original Aristocrat Model 32.   Below are photos of the original concession area and the current concession area (additional photos on their web site)


Sunset Theatre owned by Forum Member dirkee.

Ute Theater--Saguache, Colorado--They have an Aristocrat, wait for the photos to cycle to see it in their concession stand.

Olympic Theatre--Arlington, WA--They have an Aristocrat. 

Newtown Theatre--Newtown, PA--You can just barely see an M-model Manley as you enter.

Star Theatre--Berkley Springs, WV --An Aristocrat Model 32, also click on link for Popcorn Recipe.

Curt's Theatre Inc. - Rolla ND A retired Manley Vista Pop can be found on the following page (about half-way down the page)--it appears to have an all-plastic top.

Savage Theatre--Booneville, AR--They are using a Manley popcorn machine, but it is not mentioned or shown on their Web site.

The Phoenix Theatre--Antlers, OK--They are using an Aristocrat, but it is not mentioned or shown on their Web Site.  Forum Member garfy46 is associated with this theater.

Colonial Theatre--Belfast, ME--About half-way down the page you will see a Model 32.

Cozy Theatre--Wadena, MN--On their History page, they have a Model 32 Aristocrat in the remodeled concession area.

Majestic Theater--Eastland, TX -- This page contains a photo of their concession area with a Manley Model 32 in it.

Bijou Show Hall--Beach, ND--on the animated show you will see an Aristocrat Model 32.