Models 168 and 185



Manley has produced several counter top models popcorn machines.  The Petti-Pop is one example of their counter top model.

Thanks to Forum Member KB8SXK, we have photos of the Petti-Pop Model 185:

Petti-Pop Model 185 Front

It looks fantastic with 72 ounces of popcorn in it:

Petti-Pop Model 185 Back

The Petti-Pop switch panel has many characteristics of the other models--toggle switches from the Aristocrat, and the Despard pilot light that we have seen on almost every model.  But, it has a rectangular pattern on it.

Petti-Pop Model 185 Switch Panel


Petti Pop Manual--courtesy of Elllinwood Booster Club in Ellinwood KS (manual is dated 1965)


Here is a Model 168, courtesy of Mary Kolesar.  This machine was used by her father for sales promotions.

Model 168

Mdoel 168

Here is an ad for the Model 185

Model 185 Ad

Another version with a smaller kettle is the Model 168.  Here is an ad for it.

Model 168 Ad