Industrial Models

Model 315 and Model 419A



Manley also made Industrial Models.

One of the more popular is the Model 315 Caramel Corn or Popcorn Coater.  Here are some images of this machine:

The images of the Model 315 are courtesy of George M. Gregorian of Frenchy's Popcorn.  Please visit his website for more information on his popcorn business.  It is located at

AC Horn acquired the rights to this machines, and still produces a similar machine--the model M320.  You may still be able to get parts for this machine from AC Horn.  Their web site is located at

The Model 419A was a high-volume popcorn popper developed by Manley for commercial operations.  His is an example of the Model 419A:

Photos Courtesy of Ari Taube.

Again, AC Horn acquired the rights to this machine.  They still make a version of it call the Model M419A.  Visit their web site for more information on the Model M419A at