Restoration Page for Manley Popcorn Machine

Tips and suggestions on restoring your Manley popcorn machine


Please see the following pages for restoration information on specific models:

Restoration Page for M-Line Models


Restoration Page for Premier Models


Other Information:

For the Aristocrat, the Owner's Manual has a product drawing and an electrical diagram.


Here is a scan of an original Model 127 wiring diagram.


General Restoration Information:


The following apply to multiple models:

Part Replacement Part
Switches Pass & Seymour 15 amp single pole Despard Switches Part number ACD1.  They also make a 20 amp version--part number ACD201.
Aluminum Molding 1/2" T-molding is available.  One possible source is Outwater, part ALU411-P.  See h
Drawer Pulls Laurey #20926, 2 3/4" on-center holes.  Available at
Pilot Light For many Manley models, the light bulb for the pilot light is a 6 Watt-130 Volt - Candelabra Base - S6 - Red.  One manufacturer is Westinghouse Mfr Code - 6S6/R  Part #04527.
Flex-Drive Cable Classic Automobile Speedometer Cable
Motor The motor that drives the aggistator is the same on many of the Manley models.  It is a 42 Frame, 1725 RPM, 1/20 HP, 110 Volt motor.  This motor was used for other applications and used motors can be found from time to time.

A new replacement is US Motors/Emerson Mfr #: D0112B2N429.  However, the shaft is too large for the gear and will need to be turned-down.