Make Your Own

You could buy the kettle and mount it on a counter or cart



Apparently you could buy the kettle from Manley, and then create you own popcorn popper.  Or, you could keep it simple and mount the kettle on a table:

Make Your Own

Image courtesy of Forum Member rbuchholz.

Here is an example of using the Manley popper in your own creation:

The photo above is a pilot model created by Bob Pearson of Pearson Creations for Topsy's Popcorn.  They made several popcorn wagons for Topsy's Popcorn, but the majority of wagons built for Topsy's were made by Dunn Custom Interiors of Kansas City, Kansas.  To see other custom popcorn wagons and restorations of popcorn wagons, visit the Pearson Creations website at